What are some benefits of using physical therapy for back pain?

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Back Pain

People quantify the cost of living with back pain in many different ways. Many people look at how much time off work they have to take because their back hurts. Hard on this thought’s heels is the amount of money people lose by not being able to work. 

Unfortunately, people with back pain have a good reason to think about such figures. One medical study reports that up to 33% of people are experiencing back pain at any given time. Another research study found that between health care costs, lost wages and decreased productivity, back pain costs Americans over $100 billion annually. 

Are you looking for a treatment option that can help balance the numbers in your favor? Then, physical therapy may be just what you’re looking for. The reason? Using physical therapy for back pain can offer many benefits. 

Three potential benefits of physical therapy for back pain:

  1. Reducing pain — One key benefit of physical therapy for back pain is that it can help decrease your pain. Therapeutic exercises are one important tool in the physical therapist’s arsenal. Often, the exercise program for lower back pain patients focuses on building core strength. The reason for this focus is illustrated by one medical study that determined that a core strengthening program helped reduce lower back pain by up to 76.8%. 
  1. Encouraging movement — Many people tend to sit or lie down a lot more when they have back pain. A few days of lots of rest can help you heal initially, but after that, it’s important to get moving. Moving around can help improve blood flow and blood oxygenation. It can also help ease stiffness in sore back muscles. All these benefits and more are why physical therapists encourage people with back pain to move as much as possible. 
  1. Getting you back to your activities — One of the notable benefits of physical therapy for back pain is that it can help you get back to the activities you enjoy. Such activities can range from daily tasks like getting the mail or walking the dog to playing the recreational sport that you enjoy. 

Find your own benefits from physical therapy for back pain at Franklin Rehab

Are you keen to find which benefits physical therapy for back pain can offer you? Our team atFranklin Rehabilitationis primed to help you get as many benefits from your physical therapy as possible. We’ll start by determining the source of your back pain with a free screening. Then, our physical therapists can create a personalized treatment plan for you that’s designed to offer you all the benefits discussed above and more. 

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