Three common goals of people doing physical therapy after knee surgery

Physical Therapy After Knee Surgery

So, the time has arrived. You had to have knee surgery to address your knee osteoarthritis symptoms. It probably wasn’t easy for you to decide on surgery, but it can lead to a better quality of life, especially if you do physical therapy after your knee surgery. 

You aren’t alone in having surgery on your knee. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that by 2030, nearly 1.3 million total knee replacements could be taking place annually in the U.S. The people who do undergo knee surgery should set goals they can work toward during their recovery. Physical therapists can help you learn about some of the goals you should set for your post-surgical recovery. Additionally, they can build you a post-surgical rehab plan designed to help you meet your goals. 

These are three of the goals you might set for your physical therapy after knee surgery: 

  1. Decreasing swelling — The trauma of surgery combined with the body’s natural healing processes can lead to lots of swelling in your knee. However, too much swelling can be an issue. It can restrict your mobility and lead to more pain. Fortunately, physical therapists can focus on helping you reduce your knee swelling as you recover from surgery. 
  1. Reducing pain — Recovering from a total knee replacement can be a painful process. That’s one reason why so many people are given prescription painkillers to take after surgery, but these medications can be addictive. Using physical therapy after knee surgery can be a natural way to decrease your pain. Often, this pain relief is accomplished via a customized program of therapeutic exercises, manual therapy and other PT methods. 
  1. Shortening your recovery time — Every person takes a slightly different amount of time to heal from a surgery. However, one thing that most surgery patients have in common is a desire to have the shortest possible recovery time. Working with a physical therapist after knee surgery can help you meet this goal. Your physical therapist will work closely with you to improve muscle strength and joint mobility, which can get you back to normal daily activities more quickly. 

Franklin Rehab offers effective physical therapy after knee surgery

Unsure where you can find physical therapy after knee surgery that can help you meet your recovery goals? You’ll find just the type of care that you’re looking for at Franklin Rehabilitation. Our physical therapists can build you a post-surgical rehab plan that’s designed to fit your specific needs and goals. In addition, our pre-surgical rehab service can help: 

  • Prepare your body for surgery. 
  • Decrease pre-surgical pain. 
  • Reduce post-surgery recovery time. 

Contact our team today for more information about how we can help you prepare for or recover from knee surgery or to schedule your initial PT appointment.