How can physical therapy help me live my best fitness life?

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What does living your best fitness life mean to you? It might mean simply trying to feel healthier. One survey found that 61% of Americans had this exact goal at the beginning of 2021. Other people may have more specific goals like getting back to playing a sport or running a 5K. 

No matter what living your best fitness life means to you, physical therapy can help you. Indeed, there are many ways that physical therapists can help you meet this goal. 

Why should you use physical therapy to help reach your best fitness life? 

Answering this question is fairly easy. Physical therapy is something you should use to reach your best fitness life because it’s performed by physical therapists. Why is that important? For one thing, physical therapists are trained to treat the human musculoskeletal system. It’s this system of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and more that allows you to move in the first place. As a result of their training, physical therapists are particularly interested in helping people move better. And better movement is key to better overall fitness. 

Three ways physical therapy can help you live your best fitness life

Living your best fitness life can be difficult, but physical therapy can take steps to make it easier. Some of ways it can help you include: 

  1. Providing a solid foundation — Remember building block towers as a kid? The towers that had a solid foundation were more likely to stay up. The ones that didn’t typically fell down. Improving your fitness isn’t all that different. If you have a solid foundation of musculoskeletal health, then you’re more likely to have success improving your fitness. Yet poor musculoskeletal health can lead to a lack of fitness success. Physical therapists can help you assess your musculoskeletal health. They can also help you learn how solid your musculoskeletal foundation is.
  1. Helping you address fitness roadblocks — Let’s extend our metaphor a bit. Aches, pains, and stiffness are like small cracks in the foundation of your health and fitness. However, these cracks can easily expand into gaping fissures, which in this case are injuries or conditions like sciatica. Physical therapists can help you identify the source of minor issues like these. They can then help you take steps to address them before they become more serious and start to make improving your fitness harder. 
  1. Allowing you to avoid future roadblocks — Physical therapists can even help you avoid future issues that could hold back your fitness. For instance, these professionals can help you build your muscle strength and flexibility. They can also help you improve your joint function and range of motion. In addition, you can meet regularly with a physical therapist for something like regular musculoskeletal maintenance. You might even want to have an annual physical therapy exam much like you have any other yearly medical checkup. 

Franklin Rehab offers physical therapy that can help you live your best fitness life

Eager to get physical therapy that can help you live your best fitness life? You’ll find exactly that at our Franklin Rehabilitation clinic. Our physical therapists can do a free screening on you to determine if you have any issues that could impact your fitness goals. Also, our clinicians can help you address these issues with a customized physical therapy plan. They can even do regular checkups on you to assess your musculoskeletal health. 

Contact our team today for more information about all the services we offer or to schedule an initial appointment to start getting our help with your fitness goals.