What types of physical therapy can I find in Franklin, WI?

Franklin WI

Franklin, Wisconsin, is a lot of things to people. It’s the place they live and work, for instance. But what many people don’t know about is all the types of physical therapy you can find here. Join us as we walk you through some of the types of physical therapy you can find in Franklin. 

4 types of physical therapy Franklin residents have access to

Having easy access to health care services, like physical therapy, is very important to a host of people. Fortunately, Franklin residents have easy access to an array of physical therapy services. Some of the services you can find right here in town include: 

  1. Physical therapy for common issues — Most people have had a headache. Many have also experienced neck pain, back pain or both. That’s not really a surprise when you hear how common these issues are. Studies show that: 

Turning to a physical therapist for help is an effective way to treat these and other common aches, pains and conditions. For instance, local PT experts can use manual therapy to ease headache, back, and neck pain. 

  1. Fall prevention physical therapy — Falls can happen at work or at home. They can also happen to people of all ages, but older people are far more likely to fall and injure themselves seriously. Yet that doesn’t mean that you just have to wait to fall down. 

You can work with a physical therapist to prevent falls and, by extension, the injuries they can cause. Your physical therapist can show you specific exercises that can help boost your ability to balance. They can also use vestibular rehab to address issues that affect your balance. This includes issues that can cause dizziness and vertigo, such as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). 

  1. Physical therapy for chronic pain — There is a long list of conditions that can cause you to experience chronic pain. For instance, osteoarthritis can make it harder to move around. Fibromyalgia could leave you going through your day aching and in a mental fog. These and other sources of chronic pain can be addressed by a local physical therapist. In fact, these specialists can build you a pain management plan that’s unique to your daily needs. 
  1. Surgery rehabilitation — Rehabilitation isn’t just something you do after surgery anymore. Physical therapists are well aware of that. That’s why you can find pre-surgical rehab, or pre-hab, in Franklin. During pre-hab, your physical therapist will work with you to reduce your pain and prepare your body for the rigors of surgery. Then, they can build you a customized post-surgical rehab plan. Such a plan can help minimize post-surgical pain and help you get back to your normal activities faster. 

Find these and other physical therapy services at Franklin Rehab

Not sure where to turn for effective physical therapy in Franklin? Our physical therapists at Franklin Rehabilitation invite you to stop by and see how they can help you. You can start by coming in for a free screening. This will allow them to determine the source of your symptoms. They can then construct a physical therapy plan that’s personalized to your condition, needs and recovery goals. 

Contact our team today for more information about all the physical therapy services we offer or to schedule an initial appointment with us.