Physical therapists are doctors near you who accept workers’ comp cases: Here are 3 reasons why you should go see them

Doctors Who Accept Workers' Compensation Near Me

Choosing the right physical therapist to work with can be a significant challenge for people who are hurt on the job. Most clinics will accept workers’ compensation patients, but some are better than others. A physical therapist can be there as part of the workers’ compensation process to help guide you through your injury recovery. They can also help keep primary care doctors and others involved in this process informed of your progress.

Here are three additional reasons why physical therapists are an excellent resource for injured people who use workers’ comp.

3 ways a physical therapy doctor who accepts workers’ comp near you can help: 

  1. They can help you recover and get back to work faster — When you undergo physical therapy, you’re getting one-on-one treatment from a health care professional who specializes in injury rehabilitation. Your physical therapist can help you recover quicker. A faster recovery can help you get back on the job faster and potentially minimize the financial impact on both you and your employer.
  1. Physical therapy can reduce your need for painkillers and surgery — PT is a noninvasive treatment option that doesn’t involve medication or surgical procedures. PT focuses on addressing the root of your injury and symptoms. In comparison, other methods tend to focus solely on symptom management. Physical therapy is highly customized and typically very effective. This means patients often do not need surgery or painkillers.
  1. They can aid in prevention of future injuries — They can help prevent future injuries from happening again. Physical therapists can assess your workstation and make ergonomic recommendations to help prevent future reoccurrences of your injury.

Physical therapists are an excellent source of care for injured employees covered under workers’ comp insurance for these and other reasons. 

Physical therapists at Franklin Rehab are doctors who accept workers’ compensation near you

Franklin Rehabilitation has expert physical therapy doctors near you who accept workers’ comp insurance and can help address work injuries. We offer a free screening to pinpoint the cause of your injury. Our therapists can design a customized physical therapy plan for you that focuses on reducing your pain, helping speed up recovery and helping you get back to work. 

Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment with our team if you suffer from a work-related injury that you’re using workers’ comp for.