What could it mean if my fingers are numb when I finish working?

Numb Meaning

Have you ever finished a long day of work with a feeling of uncomfortable numbness in your hands and fingers? This feeling may also be accompanied by a tingling sensation, and occasional pain in your hands or wrists. If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a surprisingly common occurrence among working adults. Roughly 3 people out of 1,000 each year are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in the United States.

Most people who suffer from carpal tunnel report numbness, tingling and pain that increase at night, after the end of the workday. Severe cases report the presence of symptoms during the day. This happens especially during repetitive activities such as typing or using hand tools. If you suspect that carpal tunnel might be the meaning behind the numbness in your fingers, it is best to seek treatment before the condition grows worse.

Surgery is a common treatment for severe cases of carpal tunnel. However, most experts recommend physical therapy to treat the condition before it becomes severe. Surgery can be costly, and many people can benefit from physical therapy as a nonsurgical option.


How can physical therapy treat numbness in my fingers?

A physical therapist can help to diagnose the source of your numb fingers and help you discover what your symptoms mean. They can then employ a number of methods to help treat this and other symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Some of these methods include:

  • Manual therapy — Your physical therapist can help to relieve the pain and numbness in your hands, wrist and fingers by using hands-on techniques designed to manipulate your soft tissue. This increases the circulation in the area and helps to loosen and relax tight muscles.
  • Therapeutic exercises — Exercises are an important part of a physical therapy plan. Your physical therapist can guide you through exercises that are designed to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of your hands, which helps to relieve pain and increase flexibility. They may also instruct you on simple exercises you can do at home to help relieve your symptoms.
  • Electrical stimulation — Electrical stimulation therapy uses carefully placed electrical nodes to relieve pain and improve circulation in the body. These nodes produce a small electric shock that stimulates muscles and nerve endings in the affected area. This form of therapy has been well reported to help treat carpal tunnel syndrome by improving nerve regeneration.


Can Franklin Rehabilitation help me discover what my numb fingers mean?

If you suspect that your numb fingers mean that you have carpal tunnel syndrome, let the experts at Franklin Rehabilitation help. Our team of experts can diagnose the cause of your numbness and develop a specialized physical therapy plan to treat your symptoms.

At Franklin Rehabilitation, our goal is to ensure that each patient receives the individualized care that they need. Our services are available without the need for a referral from a doctor or specialist. Schedule a free consultation today to see how we can help you get back to work pain-free.


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