5 goals your rehab after surgery should be shooting for

At-Home Care Rehab After Surgery

For patients recovering after a major surgery, the road to recovery can be a long one. While it is important to rest and recover, rebuilding strength and mobility is key to getting back to the activities that you enjoy. It can be hard to find the motivation to stay active during your recovery. To help you on your recovery journey, our experts have broken down the rehabilitation process into five simple goals to help you stay active and motivated after surgery.


Here are 5 goals to shoot for during rehabilitation after surgery:

  1. Reducing pain — It can be difficult to find the motivation to stay active when your body is in pain. Finding ways to manage pain without relying on painkillers, which often make us feel sleepy or nauseous, is key to recovery.
  2. Regaining mobility — The first goal of post-surgery rehab is to get moving as soon as possible. If you’ve had surgery of the knees, the hips, or other areas that are important for movement, you may find that your mobility is limited. Moving will help improve blood circulation to the recovering area. Improving circulation is important for two reasons.


First, it can help remove fluid buildup from the impacted area, which can decrease swelling. Second, as the nutrient delivery system of the body, getting blood flowing to the area will help the body heal faster.

  1. Increasing flexibility — Scar tissue forms and soft tissue, like tendons or ligaments, shrink after surgery. Joints can stiffen, and range of motion can be limited by scar tissue formation. Physical therapy can help your muscles regain their former flexibility by breaking up scar tissue, as well as loosening stiff joints.
  2. Increasing strength — After surgery, muscles that your body was used to using every day can begin to experience atrophy. What is atrophy? Atrophy is the loss of muscle tissue due to lack of use. Post-surgery rehab can help you regain strength in muscles and stabilize the injured area. Strengthening the muscles around the impacted area can also help prevent a recurrence of the injury. Therapeutic exercises are an excellent way to regain muscle strength after a surgery.
  3. Regaining independence — It can be difficult to engage in everyday activities during rehabilitation after surgery. Even simple tasks such as getting dressed and opening jars can be uncomfortable. The end goal of any rehabilitation program should be to teach your body how to perform these tasks again without pain or the need for assistance.


Where can I turn for help with rehab after surgery?

If you are finding your post-surgery rehab difficult, do not get discouraged! Progress may sometimes be slow, but our physical therapists are here to help. At Franklin Rehabilitation, the ultimate goal of our post-surgery rehab is to increase endurance, strength and flexibility. We aim to get you back to doing the things that you enjoy without discomfort.


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