4 facts you should know about physical therapists and how they help people

Physical Therapist Facts

The physical therapy industry is in strong demand. In recent years the field has significantly grown. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the outlook for growth is much faster than the national average, coming in at a current 21% projection.

The job of the physical therapist is to provide quality care to injured patients or people suffering from pain. Physical therapists can provide treatment for a variety of health conditions. Ultimately, physical therapists aim to see patients’ movement capabilities improve with less pain.

If you’re thinking about seeking care from a physical therapist, there are several important facts you should know beforehand.

4 facts you need to know about physical therapists

  • The field of physical therapy originated from WWI — Physical therapy actually got its start during World War I. When soldiers needed recuperative care after becoming injured from the war, early physical therapists would provide treatment. This was where physical therapy originated in its first form. 
  • The industry initially was dominated mainly by women — The physical therapy industry was initially dominated by women when it started during WWI. This is because women took on nursing and other similar roles for soldiers. When the field first became officially recognized in the U.S., it became known as the American Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association.
  • There are five different types of physical therapy — The physical therapy field is diverse, with five different subsections of specialty. These subsections include orthopedic, geriatric, pediatric, neurological and cardiopulmonary.
  • Physical therapists have higher education degrees — Since 2000, the industry standard for physical therapists has been that they get a doctorate degree. To practice, therapists must have earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from an accredited institution before passing a licensing exam.

Each of these facts may help you better understand the history and goals of physical therapists and how they aim to help you. Physical therapists are geared toward providing a better future for you. That’s another fact.

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