The 6 specific benefits of physical therapy for athletes

The 6 specific benefits of physical therapy for athletes

Looking for new ways to improve your athletic performance? As an athlete, physical therapy can help you stay healthy and fit. Physical therapists offer many treatments tailored to sports players and other athletes. These methods range from focused exercises to specialized manual therapy techniques. With the right physical therapy treatment plan, you can work to take your performance to the next level.

There are plenty of reasons for an athlete to seek physical therapy. Maybe you want expert assistance as you recover from a sports-related injury. Maybe you want to incorporate PT into your training regimen to improve your health and physical condition. Whatever your reason for seeking professional help, physical therapy can be a great way to find solutions.

Advantages of physical therapy for athletes

  • Injury prevention — Athletes tend to be at a heightened risk for injury. Strains, sprains and overuse injuries are some of the most common types. If you play a high-impact sport, your risk may be especially high. Fortunately, many athletic injuries are preventable. Physical therapy for athletes typically incorporates injury prevention strategies tailored to your needs. If you run, for example, your physical therapist may help you improve your gait to avoid excess stress on your knees. By reducing your risk of injury, you can work to stay active and prevent downtime.
  • Injury management — Already sustained an injury? Physical therapy can play a pivotal role in your recovery journey. With treatments designed to speed up natural healing, PT can help you make a quick and complete recovery. Physical therapists can also provide a range of treatments to address various symptoms. Common injury symptoms include pain and swelling. Manual therapy techniques are one way your physical therapist can address these symptoms. Movement retraining can also be highly beneficial. With a comprehensive injury management plan, your physical therapist can help you each step of the way.
  • Improved flexibility — Being flexible is crucial to a lot of sports and other athletic activities. Whether you are a gymnast or a basketball player, improving your flexibility can have a major impact on your performance. There are an array of PT techniques intended to improve range of motion. Exercises such as targeted stretches can be a great way to build your flexibility. Increased flexibility often comes with many benefits. A central benefit is improved performance. However, flexibility can bring many other advantages. These include reducing the likelihood of injuries like strains and sprains.
  • Increased strength — Tailored strength training programs can be a great way to target and improve specific muscle groups. The muscles you focus on primarily will depend on your particular needs and goals. You can talk with your physical therapist to develop an exercise plan that works for you. By increasing your physical strength, you can boost your capabilities and overall performance. Building muscle strength can also make your body more resilient in the event of an injury. Looking to build stamina for an endurance-based activity like running a marathon? Another key advantage of strength training is improved endurance. With physical therapy treatments designed for athletes, you can work to raise your capacity and sharpen your skills.
  • Pain management — Athletes often experience persistent pain even if they have not sustained a major injury. Overuse, gradual stress and muscle inflammation are some common causes. Working out can cause microtears and swelling in your soft tissue. This may lead to aches and pains after an intense workout session. If you want solutions to your pain, physical therapy can help. Specialized manual therapy techniques are one treatment method designed to offer pain relief. If you are dealing with persistent pain caused by a chronic condition, your physical therapist can help you find long-term solutions. By addressing your particular needs and providing individualized treatment, physical therapy can be a great way to experience lasting relief.
  • Surgical rehab — Surgery is sometimes necessary after a severe sports injury. If you are anticipating a surgical operation or have recently received one, physical therapy is essential. Before your operation, pre-surgery rehab can help prepare your body. This can reduce the risk of complications and help ensure your surgery’s success. After surgery, physical therapy can help you recover and restore your athletic capabilities.

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