What are 4 causes for back pain when coughing?

What are 4 causes for back pain when coughing?

Do you experience back pain when coughing? If you do, finding an effective treatment is important. Addressing the cause of your pain can make it easier for you to cough without hurting. To address your pain at the source, though, it is important to know why you are experiencing back pain when coughing. To get a professional diagnosis and effective treatment, physical therapy can be a great option. A licensed physical therapist can offer many different treatments designed to relieve back pain.

Physical therapy utilizes a comprehensive approach. This means each treatment goes above and beyond addressing a patient’s short-term symptoms. To provide lasting relief, physical therapists work to understand and treat the root cause of each symptom. The specific treatments you receive will depend on the cause of your pain. To understand more about why you might experience back pain when coughing and what you can do about it, it can help to learn more about some common causes.

Common causes of back pain when coughing

  • Muscle strain — Intense coughing can be tough on your body. If you experience frequent, heavy coughing fits, they might strain the muscles in your back. A strain occurs when a muscle is stretched too far or torn. If you strain muscles in your back, you may experience symptoms including tension and pain. Upper back muscles like the trapezius tend to be among the most vulnerable. Repeated coughing can also affect other muscles in the neck, chest and shoulders. There are a few different PT techniques that can help reduce the risk of muscle strains. One potential solution is a tailored exercise plan. By building strength and flexibility in your back muscles, you can help prevent muscle strain. If you already have a strained muscle, PT can help alleviate your pain and accelerate healing.
  • Sprained ligaments — Ligaments are the bands of tissue that help keep everything in your body connected. Your bones, muscles, joints and organs are all kept in place with help from the ligaments. Ligaments can be sprained by a sudden injury or by ongoing stress. Some of the most vulnerable ligaments are located in and around the back. If you experience back pain when you cough, a ligament sprain could be the cause. If you have a sprained ligament, seeking treatment is important. Your physical therapist can help guide you through each step of the recovery process. By adjusting your posture and engaging with focused exercises, you can work toward long-term relief.
  • Herniated disc — Discs are pieces of tissue that serve to cushion the bones in your spine. One of the most common disc injuries is spinal disc herniation. Sometimes this is called a ruptured or slipped disc. A herniated disc can cause a lot of issues including nerve compression and back pain. In some cases, severe coughing can cause a herniated disc. If you already have a disc issue, coughing can make your symptoms worse. With treatments including postural training and spine-focused exercises, physical therapy can help you manage your symptoms.
  • Degenerative disc disease — Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is a form of osteoarthritis. Like other forms of arthritis, this condition affects the joints. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage around joints begins to break down. This can hinder joint function and lead to chronic pain as the cushioning between bones degenerates. DDD affects the discs in your spine and can cause a range of different symptoms. Common symptoms include stiffness, bone spurs and persistent back pain. Activities that put stress on your back can make these symptoms worse. This is why your back pain may become more intense when coughing. To avoid these symptoms, a comprehensive treatment approach is key. Management is essential if you have any form of osteoarthritis. This is especially important when it comes to DDD. Your physical therapist can help you make adjustments to your daily routine. You can also engage with a range of spine-focused PT treatments designed to reduce inflammation and pain.

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