Virtual Care Services

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to many challenges recently. The need to socially distance ourselves. Food and home goods shortages. These are just a few of the challenges people are facing because of coronavirus. Additionally, it has been a challenge to get necessary medical treatment with the closure of so many medical offices and businesses. Wisconsin has always allowed you to receive physical therapy without a visit to the doctor, and now you can receive virtual physical therapy without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Is virtual physical therapy effective?

Virtual physical therapy takes place over electronic communications systems. At Franklin Rehabilitation, our team is offering virtual physical therapy so people like you can:

  • Talk with a therapist over a live audio and video link
  • Get answers to questions about your symptoms or condition progression
  • Receive tips that can help you more effectively do normal daily tasks
  • Learn important information about your injury or medical condition
  • Perform therapeutic exercises and stretches recommended by your therapist

Does insurance cover virtual physical therapy?

Virtual physical therapy care is covered by most major insurances in the same way as an in-person visit. Our team also accepts credit and debit as well as Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) payments for Medicare, Medicaid and self-pay patients.

What will I need to have for a virtual physical therapy appointment?

There are certain things you’ll need to have for a virtual physical therapy session. Physical therapists recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothes for your session. This will allow you to more easily do therapeutic exercises and stretches.

Additional items needed for your virtual care session include:

  • A smartphone, tablet or computer with a functioning camera
  • A working microphone and speakers for the live audio feed
  • An active email account to receive confirmation and informational emails about your session
  • A compatible and updated internet browser
  • A space in your home that’s free of trip hazards and big enough to do therapeutic movements
  • Good lighting in the space you choose
  • A device that can operate hands-free while you’re doing therapy exercises

What issues can virtual physical therapy be used for?

Our team will be using virtual physical therapy sessions to help treat a wide range of conditions, including:

What are the benefits of virtual physical therapy?

The methods used by physical therapists are designed to offer many benefits for you, including:

  • Reducing pain after surgery — If you’ve recently had surgery or are having an operation soon, you’ll need assistance during your recovery. Physical therapists can guide you through exercises and stretches designed to rebuild muscles and soft tissue damaged by the operation. Our physical therapists can administer these services via remote physical therapy as well as in-clinic.
  • Personalized treatment — At Franklin Rehabilitation, we always personalize our treatments to the needs of each individual patient. Whether in the clinic or at home via virtual physical therapy, our team will assess your condition and develop a personalized treatment designed to help you reach your recovery goals.
  • Decreased dependency on medication — Many people turn to pain medication when they have an injury or chronic condition. The problem with this is that medication causes unwanted side effects and can be addictive. Physical therapy helps you manage your pain so you won’t have to rely on medication as much.

Franklin Rehabilitation offers virtual physical therapy

Are you looking for effective virtual physical therapy? Our Franklin Rehabilitation team is ready and willing to help. We offer virtual care services as an alternative to in-clinic visits so our team can continue to treat your aches and pains if you need to remain in your home.

Take the next step to start using virtual physical therapy from us. Contact our team for more information about virtual care today or to schedule an initial appointment.