Three ways physical therapy is different from other neck pain treatment options

Neck Pain Treatment

Living with neck pain can make everything about your day seem gray and uncomfortable. Checking the weather on your phone before heading to work can cause your neck to twinge, and looking both ways at a stop sign while driving to work can lead to even more pain. Then, you have to try to get through your workday without letting your neck pain get the best of you. 

Sounds exhausting, right? Unfortunately, there are many people who live through this scenario on a daily basis. Medical research shows that up to 50% of people deal with neck pain every year. You may have tried other neck pain treatment options without good results, but physical therapy is a neck pain treatment option that is different from the others that you may have tried. 

Three ways physical therapy is different from neck pain treatments you’ve tried

There are numerous benefits that physical therapy-based neck pain treatment can offer. These many benefits are the results of several specific factors, including the fact that physical therapy is:

1.  Natural — Pain medication is often the go-to treatment for many medical professionals when faced with a patient who is in pain. However, one downside of pain meds is that they aren’t typically natural. Your body may be more likely to adversely react to many pain meds because they aren’t naturally occurring in your body. On the other hand, physical therapy relies on pain reduction techniques that are all natural and less likely to cause adverse reactions. 

2.  Not addictive — Another major downside of pain medicines is that they are often addictive. According to the National Institutes of Health, about 18 million Americans have abused prescription medications in the past year. Physical therapy can help you reduce your pain without relying on prescription painkillers. As a result, this treatment option is not only not addictive, it can help you avoid options that are. 

3.  Educational — Many people have been told to use certain neck pain treatments by their doctor without knowing why they’re using them, and many patients may be too intimidated or overwhelmed to ask for clarification. This lack of knowledge can lead to many consequences, including: 

Using the treatment incorrectly. 

  • Giving up on the treatment before it can work. 
  • Combining treatment options in ways that you shouldn’t. 

Physical therapists can help you avoid such consequences. Why? These medical professionals are committed to making sure that you understand as much as possible about your condition. They’re also keen to make sure you fully grasp your neck pain treatment plan and the treatment techniques included in your plan.

Learn more about why physical therapy can be such a great neck pain treatment option at Franklin Rehab

Ready to find a neck pain treatment option that is effective and personalized to your needs? That’s exactly what our physical therapy team at Franklin Rehabilitation offers. We can get you started with a free screening that’s designed to pinpoint the cause of your neck pain. Our physical therapists can then sit down with you and create a treatment plan that’s designed to: 

  • Reduce pain.
  • Improve neck flexibility and mobility.
  • Increase your ability to perform normal daily activities. 
  • Decrease your risk of developing neck pain in the future. 
  • Boost your chances of meeting other recovery goals. 

Contact our team today for more information about how we can address your neck pain or to schedule an initial appointment to start tackling your pain.