7 Questions to Ask

Doing your research

Seven questions you should be asking before you decide on a Physical Therapist

1 What expertise do you possess that makes you uniquely qualified to treat my condition?
Therapists who have advanced training in a particular area of practice have a more structured approach to your recovery, resulting in greater consistency in diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, these therapists know their limitations and are more willing to refer to other health care professionals as the need arises. Franklin Rehabilitation’s therapists have advanced training in treating complicated orthopedic conditions including those related to the neck and back, shoulder, knee, foot and ankle, elbow, wrist and hip.


2 What are the typical recovery times for my particular condition?
Based on clinical experience, coupled with the latest evidence based research, your therapist should be able to supply you with a predictive outcome for your case. At Franklin Rehabilitation, your therapist will discuss your evaluation results, provide recommendations for treatment, talk about any possible complications of the treatment and offer suggestions for any alternate treatment that may be appropriate for your unique condition. Your therapist will also advise you of recommendations for the frequency and duration of your care, including the latest evidence on clinical outcomes for your particular ailment. This gives each patient a benchmark to compare what to expect and how they are progressing as compared to others with the same condition.


3 How do you assure I will get the best care for my unique situation?
Physical Therapists incorporate evidence-based practice into the day to day treatment of patients. Research shows only 17 percent of all therapists read more than two articles in a month, and most of those articles tend to be more case study or anecdotal in nature. In addition, research indicates that only 25 percent of all physical therapists actually use the latest research in their clinical decision-making. As a prospective patient looking to get better faster, while experiencing less inconvenience, and incurring the least amount of out of pocket expense, you absolutely want a physical therapist who incorporates evidence-based practice into their patient treatment programs.


Franklin Rehabilitation is dedicated to implementing the very latest evidence-based practices at the clinic level at location. The latest information is reviewed and incorporated into our treatment protocols as quickly as possible when new research becomes available.


4 Will the therapist allow me to manage my own condition or will they create a situation where I become dependent on them for relief?
One of the cornerstones of physical therapy treatment philosophy is that all patients have the potential to be educated to manage their condition independently. This is a significant fundamental difference compared to other forms of treatment that require you to continually return to the practitioner to maintain your health. Franklin Rehabilitation uses clinically proven physical therapy treatment options, empowering patients to care for their own conditions independently.


At Franklin Rehabilitation, we integrate techniques for long-term care management, reducing the incidence of recurrence and promoting patient independence.


5 How much experience does this therapist have and how many hours of continuing education above the minimum required by the State do you require for therapists in your clinic?
Studies on clinical outcomes of specialists clearly show that clinical specialists are more efficient in their treatment methodology, perform fewer treatment procedures, require fewer patient visits, and generate greater positive outcomes at lower costs. Franklin Rehabilitation’s therapists all attend continuing education programs in excess of the minimum of 20 hours a year required by the state licensing board. If your therapist is scraping by with the bare minimum, it tells you a bit about their passion for the profession.


6 What education, training and experience does the physical therapist have?
A good source for this information is to look at the therapist’s CV (professional résumé). A good therapist will be more than happy to give you a copy.


At Franklin Rehabilitation, we give you our professional resume without the patient even asking. It’s our job to educate patients on standards of care and professionalism, and patients really shouldn’t have to ask for this information.


7 Does the physical therapist subscribe to a “Standards Of Care and Performance?”
At Franklin Rehabilitation, we have addressed some of the main patient complaints when it comes to physical therapy including long waiting times; seeing different therapists at each visit; and not being educated about the treatment options. At Franklin Rehabilitation, we will match you with a therapist who is not only experienced in treating your particular ailment, but who also is a match for you personally. We want you to have a positive experience throughout your treatment process.

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